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MARCUS GARVEY, HERO fills a long felt need. It is brief & straightforward & simple enough for use by high school students & college freshmen. Yet it incorporates the very latest research into Garvey's life. The author, Tony Martin, is a leading Garvey scholar & author of the definitive RACE FIRST: THE IDEOLOGICAL & ORGANIZATIONAL STRUGGLES OF MARCUS GARVEY & THE UNIVERSAL NEGRO IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION. Garvey stands without equal in the history of the international Black movement in the twentieth century. His Universal Negro Improvement Association, begun in Jamaica in 1914, spread rapidly to over forty countries. Garvey moved to New York in 1916 & from his Harlem headquarters he dominated a movement yet to be equaled in African American history. His impact was indelibly implanted in the history, not only of the United States, but of Central America & the Caribbean, Africa & Europe, Canada & South America & everywhere else that Black communities live. "The strengths of this introductory biography are its readability, its straightforward organization & its comprehensive touching on the major events & major issues in the movement."--Journal of Caribbean History

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Nefertari Books' mission is to be a pioneering online bookstore providing the community with the most comphrensive  collection of black literature.  It is our aim to provide the widest possible choice  and conitunually serve and inspire people to read and study across all disciplines.  We seek to dispel the offensive myth that  there are no real records of our history and culture and that it is primarily oral. We have a wealth of culture that must be preserved in all formats and we will continue to encourage all writers, historians to continue their work utilising  all forms of media.

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