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This book addresses the most serious internal issue in the African American community, the generation gap. the generation gap has emerged as the tip of an iceberg that threatens the intergenerational cultural continuity of the Black community, because o the growing gap between the young and old.

This book clearly explains the cause of the generation gap and it offers concrete solutions for bridging the generation gap. Powerful, hostile external forces that have attached the African American community since 1968 have caused the Black generation gap. These host external forces include the removal of blue-collar industrial jobs from Black communities and from the United States. The loss of large numbers of blue-collar jobs is the primary reason why the African American family has eroded more between 1619-1968. Drugs have been placed in Black communities at a time when blue collar jobs dried up, making the drug economy a powerful hostile force sapping the strength of African American cultural values. with the weakening of the Black family peer grouse have begun to supplant the extended family community as a socialization force for our youth. The corporatization of the United States and of the world has promoted a shift in thinking away from highly moral values, to a vulgar, individualistic, materialist culture, where bling-bling has come to mean more than human life for too many people. Powerful external forces have worked to produce " A Choice Between Two Cultures." (T'Shaka) Today most Black neighborhoods are not communities.

What this book offers is a way out of the generation gap, and a way out of the male female relationships gap and the historical amnesia gap. That way is African and African American culture, one of only two indigenous cultures to the United States. This book is prescription for action centering upon us drawing from our rich and beautiful culture to heal the division in our communities, and to build a mighty and just people.

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