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International parenting expert Karlene Rickard, has produced an insightful, easy-to-read and inspirational book - "A to Z of Parenting" - for busy parents from all walks of life who want a clear step-by-step what to do guide on the key parenting skills. Author Karlene Rickard said - "...I feel so blessed whenever a parent tells me how much their relationship has improved with their children from using the simple techniques described in the A to Z of Parenting. We've seen incredible transformations through our workshops and I'm so excited that we can now share this empowering information through the book to parents around the world...". Background to "The A to Z of Parenting" - The book grew out of the delivery of a dynamic, culturally sensitive parenting programme Empowerment for Parents - the culmination of 15 years of international work as a counsellor, community worker and parenting workshop facilitator. Over twenty sessions of stimulating discussions, activities and short presentations, participants enrich their parenting toolkit. Karlene was keen to get the very heart of the programme to as many parents as possible and hence the idea for an A to Z of parenting was born. Why this Book Is so Important? Children are our most precious resource. No job is more important than parenting. It is one of life's most deeply fulfilling and enriching roles. Strangely however, we are all expected to be able to parent well naturally, without any formal training. We all need to be very clear about what is really, really important for successful, happy parenting. The A to Z does just that. It explains what is important, why it's important and then sets out steps for action. Parenting Cornerstones - At the heart of the "A to Z of Parenting" is the concept that you cannot effectively nurture a child, if you don't take time to nurture yourself. Discovering your own emotional drivers, taking time for yourself and exploring your own values are as critical as knowing how to praise effectively, set firm boundaries or manage challenging behaviour. The second pillar is the importance of exploring how you were parented and becoming conscious of how this influences your own parenting style. The third pillar in the book is that parents must model the behaviour they want to see in their children. Words are not enough.

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